Dangerous Cargo

International carriage of dangerous goods is considered one of the most difficult activities in the field of logistics. Our company has extensive experience in this field and is ready to provide customers with a high level of performance of this type of work. Our professionals will calculate and organize transport of dangerous goods with all the necessary requirements and wishes of the client

What is particularly dangerous goods and their transport

Dangerous goods – are substances, materials and products, waste production or other activities. They have properties that are subject to certain factors can lead to explosions, fires, as well as substantial damage to hardware, devices and structures. As a result, they are:

  •  Cause material damage;
  •  Harm the environment;
  •  Lead to injury or death to humans or animals.

Due to the potential hazards, dangerous goods are complex in transportation, and require special attention and accurate implementation of the stated instructions for transport. By this kind of transport is put forward a number of high requirements as to transport and personnel.

Dangerous goods in their chemical properties are divided into such classes:

  • Gases;
  • Explosives;
  • Radioactive substances;
  • Poisonous, toxic and infectious substances;
  • Flammable liquids;
  • Flammable substances;
  • Other hazardous substances.

Company “AC ALLIANCE" actively collaborates with leading automotive companies who own specialized rolling stock, which allow to carry dangerous goods in proper conditions. Besides the international carriage of dangerous goods involved drivers who have had special training, qualifications are confirmed by the evidence.

“AC ALLIANCE" – is the perfect solution for transportation of goods. Achieve high results allows us to:

  • High quality of services provided;
  • The credibility of the European freight market;
  • Professional management;
  • Flexible system of discounts.

How is the preparation of cargo with hazardous substances?

Before you go packing of the goods, the sender must mark them properly. The cargo is secured special markings which corresponds to the class of danger. There are such types of goods that are to be accepted for carriage only on special rolling stock.

For transportation of liquid dangerous goods tank vehicles and gaseous – LNG. The carriage of dangerous goods in packaged containers, barrels or pallets, depending on the load, in some cases, required to maintain a certain temperature.

Company “AC ALLIANCE" provides all kinds of services as per your request. Organization and execution of works on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by experienced professionals who can be trusted with even the most complex jobs.

Call us at the numbers listed and our staff will provide a full consultation on the issues that are related to international cargo transportation of dangerous goods.

“AC ALLIANCE" – professional performance of transport services!

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