Air delivery from Germany

Air delivery of multi-purpose cargo from Germany is one of the most in-demand directions due to development and expansion of businesses. Transportation of freights by means of the aircraft transport foresees cooperation with plenty of airline companies.

Long-term experience of «AC Alliance» Company and availability of highly skilled specialists guarantees timely delivery of cargo, assistance in drawing up of all the documents, inclusive of services related to customs processing, thus allowing saving time and money.

Our Company regularly ensures cargo delivery, including that of transit cargo, from all of the Germany. Representation offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, as well as other cities of Germany will assist you in cargo selection and drawing up of all the accompanying documentation.

Air delivery from Germany is characterized by an undeniable advantage over highway transportation operations within the territory of some European countries – that is availability of regular direct flights. Single source contracts with the leading airline companies allow us granting the delivery of all the cargo types from general cargo to hazardous and perishable loads.


Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation service  is  one of the most rapid and convenient delivery way of various types of goods in all directions. This fact is considered to be substantial enough, because the active development of modern business means respect for every extra hour.

If you want to solve all  important problems that arise your development way, in which case you should use the  integrated air services.

“AC ALLIANCE” – operative solutions for your business!

Today, given the conditions of tough competition, the potential customer prefers companies who provide maximum services for objective prices. Moreover customers are becoming more interested in  “turnkey” services. Such a convenient and fast way to deliver an integrated cargo often involves:

  • Organization / full custom clearance;
  • Cargo delivery, from the place of shipment to the airport of departure;
  • Air transportation from the departure airport to the destination airport
  • Delivery airport your / or our consolidation stock.
  • Door to door delivery

Airfreight considered sufficiently specific service to try to account various parameters cargo. To get a good result prescribed certain rules freight. But despite this, each situation requires an individual approach and taking into account all the features of the consignment. Specialists of  “AС ALLIANCE" always develop plans delivery of each order, so you can choose the most optimal way to deliver.

At the request of our customers comprehensive air transportation can be supplemented with the following services:

  • Legal support;
  • The provision of insurance services;
  • Organization of internal customs transit procedure.

In each case the expertise of our professionals allows us to implement detailed analysis of the characteristics of cargo, according to individual customer requirements and flight safety.

Advanced range of transport services, razor sharp alignment of all organizational issues contribute to the delivery of goods in favor of the customer’s choice of our company.

Contact our managers on these phones and you will get advice on the most similar to your question delivery.

“AС ALLIANCE" – we have everything for your air cargo complex!

Air delivery from the USA

Air delivery of cargo from the USA is one of the preferred «AC Alliance» Company activity directions. It’s an open secret, that it is the quickest possible and the beast way of cargo transportation. The advantages provided to you by the delivery from the USA, include:

  • high reliability
  • short term
  • perfect safety of the operation

We provide you with service of the internal transportation within the USA, while taking up you cargo anywhere in the USA. Due to single source contracts entered into with American airline companies we offer delivery from the USA of cargo within loading gauge, over-sized cargo and part cargo.

We are professionals not only in ordinary air delivery of cargo from the USA, but also in expedited delivery (express delivery). Our main aim is to provide the client with the most reliable,  favorable and quick way of air delivery of cargo from the USA with exercising control within the whole path of travel.  Besides «AC Alliance» Company provide you with the full service related to customs processing and cargo escorting.

«AC Alliance» Company carries out air delivery of cargo from the USA via specialized airline service, technical condition of which is subject to permanent control. Full scale complex of services related to customs clearance and insurance of cargo allows reducing cost of transportation from America as distinguished from segmentary services of other transportation companies.

Delivery of goods from the USA with «AC Alliance» Company helps you to spare time, money and spirit. Entrust the professionals with air delivery of your cargo from the USA.


Air delivery from China

Modern China is a country with constantly developing economy. High developmental level is reached not only be industry, but by the services, related to goods transfer, as well. The Celestial Empire has been included into the list of leading world countries as regards of goods turnover. Almost all the major international companies have their factories and representation offices in China.  That is why air delivery from China is currently one of the most demanded streams. Established contacts and developing partnership relations, availability of representation offices in China and Ukraine, fully formed staff of specialists and constantly developing technologies of air transport service guarantee high-quality service, as well as availability of a wide range of related offers.

The transportation activity includes:

  • Cargo pick up;
  • Cargo consolidation within the warehouses;
  • Aircargo;
  • Cargo dispatch.

The main advantage of the air delivery from China lies in speed. It practically fully compensates the difference in services value if compared to land transportation. Absence of multimode schemes while carrying out of air delivery from China, reduction in logistical costs bring the difference in cost to nought.

Other major advantages of the aircraft transport comprise:

  • cargo capacity,
  • holding capacity,
  • reliability.

We have been carrying out air deliveries from China for years and our specialists boast of broad experience of faultless activities within this sphere. After having analyzed all the possible routs we choose the optimum one.  Our clients are guaranteed 100% safety of goods, necessary conditions of storage during the transportation and delivery within the strictly defined terms.  We exercise the full control over your cargoes during transit. At the client’s wish it is possible to deliver groupage cargo from China of a warehouse to warehouse basis.

Our company has representation offices in the biggest commercial and economic centers of China: Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong.

The additional services shall comprise:

  • assistance in the course of a negotiations with Chinese manufacturers and selection of the most favourable manufacturer in the Chinese Peoples Republic;
  • services related to entering into contracts with Chinese manufacturers through the own affiliated offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong;
  • financial logistics;
  • facilitation of export and import cargo execution;
  • contract management of clients;
  • insurance;
  • development of logistics routs of any difficulty and their optimization;
  • freight forwarding;
  • consulting services;
  • data base organization and management;
  • customs registration and processing;
  • ensuring drawing up of the complete package of documents, required by the legislation of Ukraine;
  • intermediate and final storage.

Our company helps its clients to deliver, as well as carry out customs clearance of freights from China in a fast manner and trouble-free.

Airfreight department

Growing competition on the market fosters manufacturing of the high-quality goods and ensuring its delivery to business partners on a tight schedule. Nowadays delivery by air is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to ship the goods from A to B. If your business partners are abroad, air delivery is an absolute necessity for your business success.

AC Alliance Company –  full range of services in the field of international airfreight

Airfreight is one of the main and constantly developing areas of AC Alliance service. We have a long term partnership relations with the major airline companies worldwide. The great experience in cargo transportations allows us to satisfy various requests of our clients. If you are looking for the fast and reliable cargo delivery, our airfreight service is what you really need!  We always keep to the agreed terms, ensure complete safety of goods and help you in choosing the most effective route. Partnership with us allows you to reduce shipping time and time needed for accomplishment of all the necessary formalities and preparation.

We carry out:

  • International airfreight
  • Air cargo from the USA
  • Air cargo from any point in China
  • Air cargo from Europe
  • Air cargo from Ukraine

AC Alliance Company – protects your interests!

With our help you will be ensured that Air Freight Shipping is the most convenient, simple and advantageous way of cargo delivery. It is essential for us to receive our clients’ feedback to become better and improve our service to A+.

We are proud to offer you convenient air transportation for the development of your business. More detailed information about our service and rates you may obtain from representatives of AC Alliance Company by e-mail or phone. We are always ready to help your business prosper!

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