Sea freight

Nowadays sea freight is the most cost effective way of transportation among countries and continents. The advantage of this type of transportation includes possibility to ship larger amount of goods at the same time. Exactly sea carriage encompasses that immense amount of cargo traffic on a global basis.

In the course of globalization international carriage of goods by sea became an effective tool in securing stable, regular and efficient operation of the international transport connection. Sea carriage is notable for its economic benefits comparatively to the other type of transport deliveries. Thoroughly planned supply schedule of company multiplied by scrupulously organized carriage of goods by sea gives an opportunity to be competitive in the market and increase net profit.

Well-developed infrastructure of ports in Odessa, Iliechevsk and other cities with access to the Black Sea make sea freight in Ukraine a popular way of shipping goods. The existing potential of transportation routes give practically unlimited possibilities to carry by sea transport from European countries, Middle and Far East, Asia, the USA and other directions.

Carriage of goods by sea from any corner of the world only with AC Alliance Company!

Since 2009 the Ukrainian AC Alliance Forwarding Company successfully organizes international carriage of goods by sea. Within this period of time we managed to set up a team of professionals and develop a smooth-running system of cargo transportation by sea from different countries of the world to the ports of Ukraine and the other way round. To meet the requirements of our customers we provide individual service and endeavor to develop optimal solutions for each delivery.

We are ready to provide you with the wide range of services:

  • Container shipping 20′, 40′, 40′ HC
  • Delivery of nonstandard cargo with special containers Flat Rack and Open Top;
  • Transportation of groupage cargo.
  • Ro-Ro service, transportation of outsize cargo.
  • Development of the best route for carriage of goods by sea via the major world trading ports.
  • Arrangements of cargo customs clearance in ports.
  • Cargo insurance.

Sea freight with AC ALLIANCE — tailwind for your business!

In order to find the best way for carriage of goods by sea transport we take into account all the conditions and requirements of our customers. We offer you and your business an opportunity to create a reliable supply channel and to reach stability in your development. Mutual cooperation helps our customers to considerable save their money while transporting any kinds of goods. We guarantee high quality of transportation, reliability and safety of goods.

With AC Alliance Forwarding Company your cargo is always in reliable hands!

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