Groupage cargo from Germany

When we address transportation of groupage cargo from Europe the transportation of groupage cargo from Germany is of particular interest, as cargo traffic from this country to Ukraine and CIS countries is rather significant.

Additionally, many goods are exported directly from Germany, large amount of cargo go as transit goods through this country by all modes of transport.

Thus most goods are brought together to Germany from neighboring European countries where they can be consolidated with those goods which are delivered by air and sea transport from the rest of the world.

In this connection our company needed to open its own consolidation warehouses which could enable transportation of groupage cargo from Germany to Ukraine and CIS countries. These warehouses are located in Berlin and Cologne.

Groupage cargo is brought from Germany to Ukraine mostly by means of motor transport nevertheless upon request of customer we can consider possibility to transport it by sea or air.
An absolute advantage of transportation groupage cargo from Germany is low price in comparison with transportation of similar cargo by individual truck but it must be taken into account that owing to some specific features of groupage cargo transportation time losses are inevitable, because cargo goes through consolidation warehouse where it is processed.

The specialists of «AC Alliance» Company will calculate the price of the service for you and assist in choosing the most appropriate option in terms of price and time of delivery.

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