Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation service  is  one of the most rapid and convenient delivery way of various types of goods in all directions. This fact is considered to be substantial enough, because the active development of modern business means respect for every extra hour.

If you want to solve all  important problems that arise your development way, in which case you should use the  integrated air services.

“AC ALLIANCE” – operative solutions for your business!

Today, given the conditions of tough competition, the potential customer prefers companies who provide maximum services for objective prices. Moreover customers are becoming more interested in  “turnkey” services. Such a convenient and fast way to deliver an integrated cargo often involves:

  • Organization / full custom clearance;
  • Cargo delivery, from the place of shipment to the airport of departure;
  • Air transportation from the departure airport to the destination airport
  • Delivery airport your / or our consolidation stock.
  • Door to door delivery

Airfreight considered sufficiently specific service to try to account various parameters cargo. To get a good result prescribed certain rules freight. But despite this, each situation requires an individual approach and taking into account all the features of the consignment. Specialists of  “AС ALLIANCE" always develop plans delivery of each order, so you can choose the most optimal way to deliver.

At the request of our customers comprehensive air transportation can be supplemented with the following services:

  • Legal support;
  • The provision of insurance services;
  • Organization of internal customs transit procedure.

In each case the expertise of our professionals allows us to implement detailed analysis of the characteristics of cargo, according to individual customer requirements and flight safety.

Advanced range of transport services, razor sharp alignment of all organizational issues contribute to the delivery of goods in favor of the customer’s choice of our company.

Contact our managers on these phones and you will get advice on the most similar to your question delivery.

“AС ALLIANCE" – we have everything for your air cargo complex!

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