Product management

AC Alliance is offering a valuable business tool to its clients and purchasing service.

Strategic purchase service is often used by our clients for high valued services, ad hoc purchases and core large values purchases. There are several steps that included in AC Alliance purchase services:

  • Evaluation of what is currently available in the supply market.
  • A review of potential vendors.
  • Negotiations with potential vendors to ensure that they meet the new purchasing strategy and cost benefit analysis.
  • Implementation of the new vendor relationship.

On a continuous process, review and update the strategic purchase services.

Industries We Serve

Our professional, knowledgeable staff will provide the help you need to ensure a safe and worry-free international shipping experience of any kind of cargo.

Farm Machinery and Parts

We can deliver and if you need buy all categories of farm machinery, farm equipment and parts. We can help you to receive on time any repair parts on most of different types equipment that you currently use. We have parts for augers, disc mowers, estate mowers, fertilizer spreaders, flail mowers, grain drills, harvesters, hay rakes, tillovators and transplanters to name just a few. We also deliver belts, blades, bearings, roller chain, hitch pins, idlers, sprockets, couplings, peanut teeth, sickle guards, sliding door parts, and yard tool parts are just a few of the many items that we can help you will to receive.


Our expansive fleet of Roll On/Roll Off (Ro/Ro) and Lift On/Lift Off vehicles serves the automotive sector, offering liner shipping between the U.S and Ukraine, Russia, and other CIS republics. Each year, we transport thousands of new and used automobiles, trucks, SUVs and vans.


We serve the manufacturing sector, providing liner container shipping – including LCL and FCL shipping and break bulk/project cargo transportation. We also offer a wide variety of logistics services throughout the world and can make just-in-time deliveries to manufacturing plants or manage many aspects of your supply chain.


We provide a wide range of services to the retail sector with Steam Ship Lines for both FCL and LCL shipping between U.S and Ukraine, Russia, and other CIS republics. To ensure the integrity of your supply chain, we also provide a wide variety of logistics services around the world, including warehousing, consolidation/deconsolidation, trucking and more.

Food and Beverage industry

We provide several different types of support to the food and beverage industry. We transport produce, frozen foods and beverages from U.S., to Ukraine, Russia, and other CIS republics. Internationally, we ship time-sensitive frozen from farms to processing plants throughout the world.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

AC Alliance supports the complex requirements of leading engineering companies. With track record of success managing global transportation and logistics in government and commercial sectors, AC Alliance USA adds value to any projects, like mining and major infrastructure work, spanning the industrial sector, including energy and resource extraction.

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo

Company ALLIANCE AS is an international forwarder, which uses for its road transport the most reliable transport companies in the international market.

Oversized transportation “turnkey”

If you order the carriage, you are shooting with a headache that requires thoroughness and accuracy of the calculations and approvals itineraries.

  • we receive all documents, approvals and permits
  • select the required transport in accordance with the size and requirements
  • deliver the goods on time, according to the agreements signed


Dangerous Cargo

International carriage of dangerous goods is considered one of the most difficult activities in the field of logistics. Our company has extensive experience in this field and is ready to provide customers with a high level of performance of this type of work. Our professionals will calculate and organize transport of dangerous goods with all the necessary requirements and wishes of the client

What is particularly dangerous goods and their transport

Dangerous goods – are substances, materials and products, waste production or other activities. They have properties that are subject to certain factors can lead to explosions, fires, as well as substantial damage to hardware, devices and structures. As a result, they are:

  •  Cause material damage;
  •  Harm the environment;
  •  Lead to injury or death to humans or animals.

Due to the potential hazards, dangerous goods are complex in transportation, and require special attention and accurate implementation of the stated instructions for transport. By this kind of transport is put forward a number of high requirements as to transport and personnel.

Dangerous goods in their chemical properties are divided into such classes:

  • Gases;
  • Explosives;
  • Radioactive substances;
  • Poisonous, toxic and infectious substances;
  • Flammable liquids;
  • Flammable substances;
  • Other hazardous substances.

Company “AC ALLIANCE" actively collaborates with leading automotive companies who own specialized rolling stock, which allow to carry dangerous goods in proper conditions. Besides the international carriage of dangerous goods involved drivers who have had special training, qualifications are confirmed by the evidence.

“AC ALLIANCE" – is the perfect solution for transportation of goods. Achieve high results allows us to:

  • High quality of services provided;
  • The credibility of the European freight market;
  • Professional management;
  • Flexible system of discounts.

How is the preparation of cargo with hazardous substances?

Before you go packing of the goods, the sender must mark them properly. The cargo is secured special markings which corresponds to the class of danger. There are such types of goods that are to be accepted for carriage only on special rolling stock.

For transportation of liquid dangerous goods tank vehicles and gaseous – LNG. The carriage of dangerous goods in packaged containers, barrels or pallets, depending on the load, in some cases, required to maintain a certain temperature.

Company “AC ALLIANCE" provides all kinds of services as per your request. Organization and execution of works on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by experienced professionals who can be trusted with even the most complex jobs.

Call us at the numbers listed and our staff will provide a full consultation on the issues that are related to international cargo transportation of dangerous goods.

“AC ALLIANCE" – professional performance of transport services!

Customs clearance

Customs clearance work involves a range of customs formalities, including declaration procedure as well as submission of information about goods required to facilitate customs clearance, payment of duty along with any administrative activities related to the process of export or import.

Nowadays most companies in the market need to make the process of customs clearance quick and qualitative. This process presupposes fulfillment of formalities stipulated by the Customs Code of Ukraine as well as by some other regulations that make provision for customs clearance of goods and vehicles.

The customs clearance procedure is obligatory for various sorts of goods and can be carried out either by a cargo owner or by a customs agent.

Customs clearance as a rule shall consist of the following stages:

  • acceptance, registration and registration of customs declaration;
  • controlling accuracy by filling in the columns and correct identification of Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature code;
  • compliance with non-tariff regulation;
  • customs examination of goods for compliance with the declared ones;
  • controlling accuracy by customs value calculation;
  • controlling accuracy by calculation and payment of  custom duties;
  • finalizing customs declaration.

Filling in a customs declaration form.

Pursuant to the Customs Code of Ukraine declaring procedure shall be accomplished by submitting application according to set form (in writing, electronic form) with precise information about goods, purposes of its transportation through the customs border of Ukraine as well as the data required to further control and customs clearance of cargo.

«AC Alliance» Company provides professional service in customs clearance and transportation, including:

  • advisory services in cargo registration and customs clearance;
  • Review and analysis of all possible option for cargo customs clearance and choosing the most appropriate one;
  • Execution and auditing of documentation related to customs clearance;
  • Assistance in drawing up and signing foreign economic contracts;
  • Consulting on permission documentation (licenses, certifications, sanitary and epidemiological services certificates);
  • Competent execution of customs declaration and shipping documentation;
  • Efficient customs clearance of cargos;
  • Approximate calculation of payments, assisting in payment orders issuing and  cash flow control;
  • Facilitating delivery of cargo to warehouses;
  • Classification of good according to Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature.

The activity of «AC Alliance» Company in the area of customs services in Ukraine and Kyiv represents a wide range of qualitative services with the fastest customs clearance of your cargo.

Specialized cargo

This section provides specialized cargo transportation services that require special care and caution. Our specialists have the necessary expertise in the following areas of cargo:

  • Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods

You can choose any convenient delivery method: trucking, air delivery or delivery by sea.


“AC ALLIANCE” is proposing export shipments of all kinds of goods from the territory of Ukraine in all directions!

Our team, which consisting only from high-class specialists will help you to carry out any operation accompanying export shipment.

From suppliers search – till delivery to the warehouse of the recipient.

Exports from the AC ALLIANCE is:

  • search provider
  • quality control
  • export processing and shipment tracking
  • transaction support
  • insurance deals

A wide range of services and good business name allows us to quickly close the demands of our customers. Historically the activities of the AC ALLIANCE really lives up to its name! Hundreds of companies,thousands of “AC ALLIANCE” customers  finding with us their partners for successfully development and business expand! We help all our customers efficiently interact with each other! Large range of manufacturers, distributors, managers and implementing company are carring out its transport to the AC ALLIANCE. There is nothing easier than to be guarantors of building a new relationship between our customers and partners. If you will call us right now we will help you to find stable partners, to attract wide range of suppliers, producers and of course the super high-quality logistics!

Groupage cargo from Germany

When we address transportation of groupage cargo from Europe the transportation of groupage cargo from Germany is of particular interest, as cargo traffic from this country to Ukraine and CIS countries is rather significant.

Additionally, many goods are exported directly from Germany, large amount of cargo go as transit goods through this country by all modes of transport.

Thus most goods are brought together to Germany from neighboring European countries where they can be consolidated with those goods which are delivered by air and sea transport from the rest of the world.

In this connection our company needed to open its own consolidation warehouses which could enable transportation of groupage cargo from Germany to Ukraine and CIS countries. These warehouses are located in Berlin and Cologne.

Groupage cargo is brought from Germany to Ukraine mostly by means of motor transport nevertheless upon request of customer we can consider possibility to transport it by sea or air.
An absolute advantage of transportation groupage cargo from Germany is low price in comparison with transportation of similar cargo by individual truck but it must be taken into account that owing to some specific features of groupage cargo transportation time losses are inevitable, because cargo goes through consolidation warehouse where it is processed.

The specialists of «AC Alliance» Company will calculate the price of the service for you and assist in choosing the most appropriate option in terms of price and time of delivery.

Transportation of groupage cargo from Europe

One of the most popular and highly demanded destinations for transportation of groupage cargo is from Europe. Groupage cargo from Europe is transported predominantly by motor transport. Our company provides service in delivering cargo within the European countries to consolidation warehouses as well as services of customs brokers. Further transportation of groupage cargo is carried out by reliable and proved motor transport enterprises, and then cargo is brought to the territory of Ukraine or other CIS states.

Transportation of groupage cargo from European countries is one of our key activities. Additionally it is one of the most fast-growing areas as most customers have already enjoyed this kind of transportations which is fostered by growing opportunities and supply in this service market and it in its turn reduces freight costs of groupage cargo and improves the level of service and terms of delivery.

In addition to the price of the service, one of the main advantages of groupage cargo transportation from Europe is the availability of numerous consolidation warehouses and motor transport companies which are able to deliver cargo in the territory of Europe to the most convenient dispatching point.

Due to development of this direction in transportation our company concentrates its efforts on opening own consolidation warehouses in the territory of Europe. Now we can provide our customers with the services of such kind of centers in the territory of Germany, including Berlin and Cologne which have the best strategic location in terms of logistics and trade in Europe.

Consolidation and groupage


Groupage cargo – is an integral part of goods transportation irrespective of a kind of transport. Groupage cargo transportation is one of the main scopes of the «AC Alliance» forwarding Company activities. The company provides you organization of transportation for consolidated shipments by air, sea or road transport.

«AC Alliance» Company carries out solely international groupage transportation but in some exceptional cases such transportation could be organized either within Ukraine or in those countries where we have our representative offices.

Groupage cargo transportation requires thorough preparation therefore we involve only highly qualified experts to process these kinds of shipments.

Our shipping geography is dependent on transport type as well as on the requirements of our clients while mostly consolidated goods are shipped in Ukraine.

As a country of groupage cargo transportation any country could be identified but our main and most popular destinations are from Germany, Poland, the USA, China, South Korea, and Taiwan to Ukraine.

In order to enable cooperation with such distant lands we developed our reliable agency network and opened representative offices which secure collaboration with customers, suppliers for our customers and foreign customers as well as other remote offices.

In each of above-mentioned countries we use warehouses, experience and knowledge of our experts in logistics and customs clearance procedures who guarantee receipt of cargo to our warehouse, further consolidation and dispatching.

Upon arrival of consolidated goods in Ukraine we release it with the help of our customs brokers and then we are able to deliver cargo to a customer to destination point or to locate it in our warehouse

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